Rabotvins is one of the most important Belgian wine and aperitif selling companies.

From Ghent and in cooperation with G. de Mour & Fils, its establishment in Soussans/Margaux (France), Rabotvins is active in Belgium as well as on the foreign market, commercialising the total production of more than 30 estates and domains, four of which are properties. Rabotvins also has the exclusive distribution of quality wines and aperitifs from the most important wine producing countries. The company also provides a number of aperitifs from its own manufacture.


Tasting Days Rabotvins – Corona

8 March 2020|

Dear customers,

Dear partner-suppliers,

Dear staff members,

The saying “caution is the mother of all wisdom” is in these times of Covid, better known as Corona, something many people have in mind.

As a consequence, flights are cancelled, big wine fairs (Vinitaly, Prowein, jours de Bourgogne,…) are being postponed or even annulled, manifestations gathering people no longer take place, etc…

Rabotvins had scheduled another wine tasting this spring. However, due to many international flights being cancelled and in some cases a ban to travel, more than half of our loyal partners have revoked their presence during our tasting days.

Therefore, we consider it no longer opportune to let our announced wine tasting take place.

I hope that this scare among us will quickly resolve and that they will quickly find a solution.

In the meantime  we look full enthusiasm forward to our tasting in the fall that will take place from Sunday 27 September until Wednesday 30 September.

Our sincerest apologies for this truly unwanted but well-considered decision.

Kind regards,

Olivier De Schepper

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