Rabotvins is one of the most important Belgian wine and aperitif selling companies.

From Ghent and in cooperation with G. de Mour & Fils, its establishment in Soussans/Margaux (France), Rabotvins is active in Belgium as well as on the foreign market, commercialising the total production of more than 30 estates and domains, four of which are properties. Rabotvins also has the exclusive distribution of quality wines and aperitifs from the most important wine producing countries. The company also provides a number of aperitifs from its own manufacture.



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ch. Lacombe Cadiot Bdx sup 2018 Bronze
ch. Tayet Prestige Bdx sup 2016 Bronze
ch. Haut Breton Larigaudière Margaux 2016 Argent
Le Créateur Margaux 2017 OR
ch. La Croizille Saint Emilion Grand Cru 2016 OR
Cadiot  Merlot bdx Sup 2018 Bronze
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